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In an effort to provide a "One Stop Shop" for our clients, we have experienced professionals on hand to take care of your company's or individual needs.

Brand & Logo Specialist - Is a person that works with or within a marketing team whose sole focus is how your brand and company's goods or services are perceived by consumers. A graphic designer who helps create distinct and memorable branding which represent either companies, products or both. This can entail everything from brand manuals, logos, colors, advertising, events, marketing campaigns, social media, text, pictures, cartoon mascots, icons, colors and much more.

Graphic Designer - Is a person that works within the graphic design and graphic arts fields whose sole focus is presenting information in an easily accessible and memorable way to consumers. This can entail everything from printed or eletronics materials such as brochures to typesetting to illustrations and much more.

Marketer - Is a person that works with all members of the design team to help advertise, promote and sale specific goods and services to consumers. This can entail advertising and marketing on billboards, magazines, newspapers, radio, social media, television, videos, websites and much more.

Photographer - Is a person who specializes in capturing imagery of people, places and products to be used for a company's use in branding, graphic design, logo design, marketing, videos, web design and much more. Photographers are also responsible photography editing as well as setting up locations, models, products and scenes.

Videographer - Is a person who specializes in make video films of people, places and products to be used for a company's use in branding, graphic design, logo design, marketing, videos, web design and much more. Videographers are also responsible video editing as well as setting up locations, models, products and scenes.

Web Designer - Is a person who specializes in preparing content for the World Wide Web. Web Desingers are responsible for laying out and styling of pages of content that include company logo, images, text, videos and much more. Web Designers use a hyperlanguage of media and text to bring websites to life.

Here are some Core Services we offer:

  • Brand Identity, Logo Design & Product Building
  • Graphic Design & Illustration for Print & Digital
  • Marketing Campaigns, Strategy & Promotion
  • Photography Creation & Editing
  • Videography Creation & Editing
  • Custom Website Design & Development

Each of these Core Services branch off into sub-categories such as: Advisory Services for Self Website Management / Webmastering, Consultanting for Brand Identity, Marketing, Product Placement and Website Development. Creative Writing and Copywriting, Brand Manuals, Proposals and Web Content. Cross Browser Dynamic Websites utlizing CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery and more. Digital Photography, Photo Editing and Photo Restoration for Print or the Web. Digital and Vector Graphics such as Brand Identity, Logos, Packaging and more. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) and much, much more.

We are ready to start working on your project today. If you have a project which you would like ys to quote on, feel free to email us with the details. Due to the high volume of emails we receive, please allow 24 to 48 hours for an answer back. Thank you again for perusing through our services and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Client Testimonial

For many years I had been afraid of trying to get a website going. After my inital consultation with the people at JERO Digital Media, I undertood my options better and felt so at ease. Thanks again.
- Jack from Chicago, Illinois USA

Client Testimonial

We had been toying with the idea of changing our restaurant's logo for a few years. The people we worked with at JERO Digital Media made the redesign phase and rebranding a piece of cake.
- Anita from Phoenix, Arizona USA

Client Testimonial

I've been running my own website for 20 years now. I noticed a decline in sales and customer retention. So I decided to work with JERO Digital Media on a custom redesign. It increased my sales by 60%.
- Joann from Los Angeles, California USA

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